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Professional Golfers Association is a sport which focuses on individual performance rather than the whole team. This makes it unique in comparison to other sports. Betting on PGA is quite risky because it involves placing your hopes on one’s ability to perform/win the sport just like pro tennis or the MMA. The PGA wagers are more concerned with the outcome of a particular individual’s performance rather than the whole group.

Advancement of technology and internet availability in many countries has made professional golf tournaments popular because many people are able to follow up on different leagues like the LPGA and the Junior tour. Also, these sports occur throughout the spring on a weekly basis making them easy to follow up. Before you start thinking of betting on PGA, you should consider the following.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Betting On PGA

Just like any other sports, betting on PGA has both positive and negative sides on both single and multiple bets. Some of the things that make placing bets on PGA sports dangerous and unpromising are; unexpected turnarounds on the already established performance outcomes. This occurs mostly on the finale where unexpected winnings occur from unexpected winners. However, some gamblers find betting on the nearly impossible winnings a risk worth taking because they view the differentiation on the most performing golf players globally to be a source of hope and strength rather than be a weakness to be embraced.

The world’s best golfers face one another multiple times during major tournaments though not every player gets an opportunity to play. This is advantageous to many betting professionals because they can compare and evaluate any player’s performance during the match.

Types of PGA Bets

The following are the most known PGA bets placed by many golf fans.

Odds betting involve placing your bet on a player you most likely think will win a particular tournament. Odds betting are very easy to analyze because the players are listed by name against the expected win score.

Head-to-head golf betting

This is a bet which involves placing bets in anticipation that one player will win against another in a competition. It attracts many wagers not only in PGA but even in other sports because it’s easier to point out the winner in which two players are involved. For example,  Philip Johnson (-180) vs.  Stephen Will (+150). In case Philip Johnson wins, the bettor gets 180, and in the case that Stephen Will wins one has to lay 150.

Top Three Finish Betting

Many wagers prefer this type of betting which involves selecting their preferred player who might be among the top three. It’s less risky than the other bets.

Parlay Betting

Involves combing multiples in order to get more money and differs from one betting platform to another.

Prop bets

Are risky because of the nature of odds involved and fun to watch as they play out because they involve placing bets on possible occurrences or individual performance during the match. Wagers have the tendency of asking themselves questions on the progress of the match and scores.

Three Must-Bet Golf Events

National pro-am- Happens at the beginning of the year at Pebble Beach. In this regard, many bettors get the opportunity to consider their betting pattern based on the performance of the players directly from holiday. National pro-am also integrates new players. It is very interesting and exciting to many fans and players because of the time of the year at which they are held.

The majors- Involves four different golf tournaments which are regarded as important events of the year. They include; masters tournament, the US open, the open championship and the PGA with best golfers around the world participating.


It is considered to be an international tournament with many players from Europe and US. Two squads compete for bragging rights in every two years. Man wagers risk betting on it because it’s unique and rare. More about Ryder Cup

Betting Tips

PGA wagers should consider the following before betting.

Weather-Golf tournaments only occur outside and for a four day period. This means that weather conditions should be taken into consideration because they can completely change within the course of the tournament. This may lead to distorted outcomes or postponement of the tournaments.

Differences in Course– Course variations concerning different players are also a concern because different players perform differently in different courses. Some players may perform well on a particular course and poorly on another according to their preferences.

Recent Performance –This is the consideration taken about the player’s most recent performance outcome instead of the number they hold. This is a more reliable indication of how a player will perform in the upcoming matches.

Doing your Homework

Golf statistics help wagers to evaluate performance indexes of different players so that they are able to know which players are performing well and which are not. However, performance records and statistics available are not enough to enable you to figure out how to place your bet and on which players. The guidelines listed below will help you succeed in betting using statistical records.

First of all, not all statistics are present real performance data. Also, they do not display how a player was performing during the live event. Therefore, the wager should only use the information which represents the actual performance and which can predict performance outcome of the incoming events in which the better wants to bet on.

The various sports betting providers offer various opportunities for sports betting on golf, but many only serve the majors. Find the best bookmakers and sports betting websites in the US and Canada.

Relying on records such as Total Driving Yards, Putts per round, Longest drives, Score averages and Green hit in regulation may be useful to the bettor because they are ones that differentiate the performance of players.

Putts Per Round indicate how a golfer is performing on the green. Putting is a very important aspect of golf tournament because you can determine how a golfer is performing based on their putts per round.

Green Hit in Regulation shows how many times a golfer has come close enough to the ball in order to make it to the hole. Greens in regulation statistics show how players get the ball to the green and the duration they take to do that.

Total Driving Yards shows which golfer can drive the ball furthest, though it does not necessarily mean they are the best players.

Scoring Average, scores of different players in each round are summed up and divided by the number of rounds to come up with an average rating which indicates how well or bad a player has been performing.

Golf betting is simple and complicated at the same time but with the help of relevant and golf related information can make you a successful wager.